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Incursions & Excursions

One Song Drumming Incursion – July 2016

We had One Song Drumming come to our kinder for both red and blue group. This was an amazing incursion for the children. It was both informative and interactive. The children were fascinated and loved this experience.

Learning outcome 2 – COMMUNITY

Children learn about and celebrate different cultures

Healthy Eating Incursion – May 2016

In line with the National Quality Standard 2.2 QA2 Children’s Health and Safety, we provide evidence that healthy eating and physical activity are embedded in the program we provide at the preschool.

We encourage healthy eating at Acacia Avenue Preschool.

Throughout the program we discuss with the children the appropriate types of food to eat at preschool. They are referred to as “sometimes” food and “everyday” food.

This week at Kinder we have offered a healthy eating program to all the children. We introduced each child to the food groups of Fruit and vegetables, dairy, protein and grains. Each child was able to taste foods from each of these groups.

We learnt about what each food group does to help our bodies.

We hope by discussing and encouraging this with each child it will help them to understand the importance of a healthy diet.

A child’s strong sense of wellbeing stems from being healthy in body and mind. Educators promote this when they include physical activities, learning about how our body works , including increasing children’s awareness of making healthy lifestyle choices .